Dark Frontier

Episode 3
Reclaiming a Temple

With the cleric Jhod Kavken in tow, the party rode out from Oleg’s a bit wider to the west to explore a few more leagues of land, as per their charge from the Swordlords. After spending half a day on horseback in the plains, the party instead headed directly to the abandoned temple of Erastil, Jhod’s impatience spurring the group on.

At sunset, the adventurers arrived at the temple, and helped the cleric set up camp, and also introduced the follower of Erastil to Tyg-Titter-Tut and Pervalish. The two fey were wary of the cleric, claiming he didn’t smell “right.”

After some conversation, Jhod came clean about his fall from grace and how this temple’s restoration could be a true beginning of atonement for his sins. Once the party and the fey creatures heard his tale (the fey were eavesdropping), everyone agreed to help the fallen cleric in his atonement. They spent the entire next day clearing debris and detritus from the temple. Dazgrim, Erivyn and Jhod, being the pious sort, spent the evening praying for a blessing from Erastil, and received a vision of a white stag.

The next morning, a serenity had enveloped the temple. The party packed up and left, with Jhod promising he would stay and finish the work they started.

The party headed east, searching for the lair of Tuskgutter, a ferocious dire boar, rumored to live in these parts.

Erivyn, as per usual, was on point and discovered the empty boar’s lair. Using her keen senses the boar was tracked and found to be in battle with some bandits.

The party let their mutual enemies fight each other and only stepped in after the boar killed the three bandits. The boar of course, was easy pickings at that point.

The party continued exploring east and ran into the Thorn River and a structurally unsound bridge. With Dazgrim’s knowledge of engineering, the party surmised only one person could make their way across the bridge at a time. Aurikk used a mending spell to help reinforce the bridge, and it seemed to help. They spent another day there, and Aurikk’s use of a few more mending spells restored the bridge to nearly full capacity.

The next day the party headed still further east and saw a large tree in the distance, a landmark known as the “Old Sycamore”.

Episode 2
Bears and Bandits

After exploring the few sections of open plains and hills directly south of their characters base of operations, the party decided to head to south and west and begin exploration of the woods and hopefully to discover the abandoned temple to Erastil described to them by the cleric, Jhod Kavken.

Fully resupplied, another section of open plains was explored and added to their map. On the second day out, the party ventured into the woods of the Narlmarches.

Being forced to dismount their horses to properly explore the forest, the task was going to take much more time, much to the delight of the party’s dwarf, who very much hated riding, and to the chagrin of the rest of the party, as it meant their task was made much harder.

And the forest offered much more difficulty to their task, beyond just the simple obstacle of extended time. During the first night in the forest, their horses had managed to untie themselves and wander off, even with Giltar standing guard. On the second day, the party found their rations spiked with something that gave the elves delicate digestive systems trouble.

It was at that time, that Aurikk began to suspect that some minor fey might be involved and attempted to make contact with them, to no avail. Although his suspicions were proven to be sound, by the laughter elicited from high in the treetops at his feeble diplomatic attempts.

As the party bed down for the third night in the forest, Erivyn with an assist from the wizard managed to successfully contact the fey, with a bribe of some honey mead the ranger had on her.

Tyg-Titter-Tut, a female grig, and Pervalish, a male fairy dragon cautiously accepted the bribe/gift and began a conversation with the ranger on her watch.

The two fey, had assumed the party were with those awful bandits and had decided to play pranks. After the wide ranging conversation/interrogation with Erivyn, the fey disclosed many secrets of the immediate area, Including both the location of the lost shrine of Erastil, and bandit camp further down river.

The fey, now knowing that the party were not allied with those nasty bandits, promised to not plays pranks on them anymore, and the party promised to bring some sweets with them the next time they returned to the forest.

The group decided to head to the holy site first and encountered a sickly bear, who acted as a guardian of the shrine.

Giltar answered the guardian bear’s challenge with a bellow of his own, and nearly paid for it with his life. As usual, Dazgrim patched the party up, and Giltar’s blade rammed deeply into the bear and finished him off. As the bear died, he transformed into an old man, and then sighed and turned to dust. The shrine also transformed, the sickly waters turning bright and clear once again, as if a curse was lifted from the place.

The party spent the next few days exploring the area around the shrine, and Erivyn spent her free time restoring the shrine to its intended purpose.

At this point the characters, fully rested from the guardian attack, set out to investigate the bandit camp, the two fey creatures had informed them of.

It was meant to be strictly a recon mission, but it appeared that the bandits had had enough time to set up an ambush for the would-be ambushers.

Erivyn was caught unawares by a pair of the bandits, who used a thunderstone to stun her and then nearly killed her with their bows from their hidden spots among the trees.

Giltar went into a full rage, and charged the camp to make certain that the remaining bandits focus went to him.

The camp’s leader, a vicious human ranger by the name of Kressle, directed the fight of her band and slowly whittled away at the barbarian’s life at range with her daggers from the treetop platforms.

Giltar hacked his way toward the bandit leader, who grinned and brandished her twin hand axes, thinking the wounds he had already endured would ensure a quick finish of this foe.

But, as with her lieutenant before her, her head was removed from her shoulders with a single, massive, swing of the barbarian’s blade.

The remaining three bandits immediately surrendered after witnessing the carnage wrought by the hulking half-orc.

The party showed mercy and accepted their surrender and sacked the camp and headed back to Oleg’s to turn over the bandits to the guards.

After spending a night of rest, the party set off with Jhod to the temple of Erastil and follow up on a few more leads into the woods of the Narlmarches after getting the cleric settled in.

Ambush at Oleg's

Our intrepid quartet of adventurers have each followed the request of the Lords of Restov and convened at a small outpost on the northern edge of the River Kingdoms.

Giltar Thunderblade, a half-orc barbarian, is the muscle of the group. His giant 2-handed sword rarely sees its scabbard. Aurikk Flamestrike, the brains of the outfit, is a bookish sort, an elven wizard, who wields a bow. Dazgrim, is a dwarven cleric of Iomedae, and he provides the necessary healing for the less wise of the group. Erivyn, the lone female of the group, is an elven ranger, and her aim is as keen as her sight, both externally and into the hearts of those that are encountered.

Oleg and Svetlana Leveton greet the group as they enter the small outpost, (Svetlana, moreso than Oleg) and convince the adventurers to aid them against the bandit forces who are about to arrive to collect their “protection” fees.

After an evening of planning, the characters convince Oleg to lure the bandits into a trap. The plan was to have Aurikk and Erivyn hide and shoot at a distance, while Giltar and Dazgrim cut down the bandits from behind after they entered the trading post.

The plan worked to perfection, with the elves gunning down one of the bandits, and Giltar and Dazgrim cutting down another in the surprise round of combat.

After Giltar removed the head of the boss of the bandits, one Happs Bydon, the other bandits, in full flight, were remorselessly cut down by the remaining party, and their horses and gear claimed as their own.

Among the gear were several strange, crude silver medallions, in the shape of a stag. The Levetons had seen the medallions before and the only thing they knew was that the bandits were under the rule a man known as “The Stag Lord.”

Oleg and Svetlana, were so grateful to the heroes that they offered them food and a place to stay as long as they remain in the River Kingdoms, which the party graciously accepted.

The group set out to explore the lands over the new few days, hoping to find the bandits base of operations, which the Levetons were sure had to be close by.

The party chose to head directly south across the plains and into the lowland hills. They encountered a several raiding parties of black and grey scaled kobolds, known as the Sootscale tribe, a handful of small tricksters from the fey known as mites, who ruined most of the groups food supply before caught, and Erivyn successfully stalked and killed a few elk, who wandered near their campsite. Although successful, she needed some serious healing from the party’s cleric after the encounter.

On the third night, as the party was choosing a spot to settle down the the night, Erivyn was almost pulled into the lair of a nesting spider. If not for the strength and quickness of their orc blooded barbarian, she may have met a bloodier and grizzlier fate. Dazgrim and Aurikk quickly dispatched the arachnid with spells and hammer, as Giltar pulled Erivyn to safety. Again, Iomedae was called upon to heal Erivyn’s grievous wounds.

After exploring the spider’s lair, the group discovered a dead bandit with a treasure map of sorts. Not recognizing the reference points on the map, the group stashed it away to look into later. Perhaps Oleg and Svetlana would know more?

Also on the dead bandit was another medallion, denoting him as a member of the “Stag cult,” as the group had begun referring to them.

The group arced back north to Oleg’s complete their first foray into the River Kingdoms, skirting the edges of the western forest as their supplies were diminished.

A lone bandit was encountered and killed. Erivyn followed his tracks to the edge of the woods before returning to the group. the group discussed and discarded the idea of entering the forest, opting for a resupply at Oleg’s instead.

More of the Sootscale kobolds, guarding a large patch of radishes, were encountered and dispatched.

Upon returning to the Leveton’s outpost, the party was “greeted” by a force of warriors sent by Restov to help guard the peace. Both sides mistook the others for bandits and were about to come to blows. Only Dazgrim’s calming words and demeanor kept the two groups from killing each other, so that things could be sorted out.

Another newcomer, the cleric of Erastil, Jhod Kavken, had also arrived at Oleg’s, and had a tale to tell about a temple in the woods, guarded by a strange bear. Erivyn wheedled a bit more info out of the cleric and was able to discover that the cleric was actually having visions of the abandoned shrine, and being a follower of Erastil herself, vowed that she would help the cleric find and cleanse the abandoned temple.

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