Dark Frontier

Episode 3

Reclaiming a Temple

With the cleric Jhod Kavken in tow, the party rode out from Oleg’s a bit wider to the west to explore a few more leagues of land, as per their charge from the Swordlords. After spending half a day on horseback in the plains, the party instead headed directly to the abandoned temple of Erastil, Jhod’s impatience spurring the group on.

At sunset, the adventurers arrived at the temple, and helped the cleric set up camp, and also introduced the follower of Erastil to Tyg-Titter-Tut and Pervalish. The two fey were wary of the cleric, claiming he didn’t smell “right.”

After some conversation, Jhod came clean about his fall from grace and how this temple’s restoration could be a true beginning of atonement for his sins. Once the party and the fey creatures heard his tale (the fey were eavesdropping), everyone agreed to help the fallen cleric in his atonement. They spent the entire next day clearing debris and detritus from the temple. Dazgrim, Erivyn and Jhod, being the pious sort, spent the evening praying for a blessing from Erastil, and received a vision of a white stag.

The next morning, a serenity had enveloped the temple. The party packed up and left, with Jhod promising he would stay and finish the work they started.

The party headed east, searching for the lair of Tuskgutter, a ferocious dire boar, rumored to live in these parts.

Erivyn, as per usual, was on point and discovered the empty boar’s lair. Using her keen senses the boar was tracked and found to be in battle with some bandits.

The party let their mutual enemies fight each other and only stepped in after the boar killed the three bandits. The boar of course, was easy pickings at that point.

The party continued exploring east and ran into the Thorn River and a structurally unsound bridge. With Dazgrim’s knowledge of engineering, the party surmised only one person could make their way across the bridge at a time. Aurikk used a mending spell to help reinforce the bridge, and it seemed to help. They spent another day there, and Aurikk’s use of a few more mending spells restored the bridge to nearly full capacity.

The next day the party headed still further east and saw a large tree in the distance, a landmark known as the “Old Sycamore”.



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